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Find out more about the engineer who completes the Derby air conditioning and refrigeration services ICETEK offer. With ICETEK you can be assured that your satisfaction is important.

Derby Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

At ICETEK we supply, fit and repair air conditioning and refrigeration units across Derbyshire; some of the most frequent locations include Derby, Burton, Ashbourne, Loughborough, Birmingham and Leicester. Below is an outline of how we describe ICETEK, but if this isn't enough, you can read a collection of our air conditioning and refrigeration customer testimonials.

Derby air conditioning unit installation example for fujitsu air conditioning model

The History of ICETEK

ICETEK’s owner Andrew Lynas started out fitting mobile air conditioning units across Derby in temperature controlled delivery vehicles. Since then, he’s developed over 35 years experience in the domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration services industry. During this 35 year span he has worked with a diverse range of businesses and environments having successfully fitted and maintained hundreds of units.

During this process, ICETEK was born. Our vast experience allows us to consistently achieve a high quality of work and customer satisfaction. A specific example of customers benefiting from this experience is our understanding of how important it is for them to have successful air conditioning and refrigeration unit repairs within the first day. Because of this, we maintain a high stock level in the ICETEK van for the most common components required for repair to minimise risk of prolonged and unnecessary downtime of your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning as a result of poor preparation.

Customer Satisfaction Focused

We’re a small but very capable business; we’re small enough to care but big enough to cope. Your air conditioning and refrigeration repairs will be carried out by an experienced engineer, getting the job done efficiently to a consistently high standard.

We pride ourselves on operating with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, minimising downtime as we understand how important air conditioning and refrigeration can be to your commercial and domestic property; specifically for some businesses that rely heavily on an efficient and functional air conditioning or refrigeration unit to prevent major losses in stock or the inability for the business to continue operating until repairs are made. As we can often repair air conditioning and refrigeration units on the same day, choosing ICETEK for your repairs can be very cost effective option.

Derby Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Experts ICETEK

High Quality Derby Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

All of the services we offer are carried out at a consistently high level of quality, every installation of air conditioning, cold rooms and refrigeration units are handled with care. When quoting you for air conditioning in Derby for example, we quote you for the price of a brand new Fujitsu air conditioning unit which holds a warranty of 3 years; however this can be extended at your request. Although our strongly preferred supplier is Fujitsu we don’t only offer our services for that specific make of air conditioning unit, if there’s another manufacturer you’d prefer, simply let us know and our engineer will be able to discuss it further with you.

It is our aim to be the trusted air conditioning and refrigeration experts that offers the supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration units across Derby and Derbyshire. If you have any questions regarding the services we offer or about understanding ICETEK more please don’t hesitate to get in contact or check out the air conditioning derby or refrigeration derby pages, we would be happy to answer any air conditioning or refrigeration questions you may have.

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We offer a standard of high quality and competitive pricing for all of the air conditioning and refrigeration services that we offer. If you require installation or repair of air conditioning, refrigeration units or cool rooms, get in contact to discuss your queries and to schedule a free, no obligation quote.

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