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Derby Air Conditioning repair and installation from an air conditioning expert with over 35 years experience. We offer our air conditioning services for both commercial and domestic properties.

Air Conditioning Derby Homes & Businesses - The Ultimate Guide

We care about helping both existing and potential customers undertand how air conditioning can really help their home and business.

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Domestic Air Conditioning Derby

Air conditioning is often mistaken for a unit that only dispenses cold air. The air conditioning units we supply and install into your Derby home allow you to condition the temperature with hot or cold air, making your new air conditioning unit an all year round benefit.

Air conditioning can often be seen as a wise investment into your domestic property for both quality of life purposes and potentially adding value. With using air conditioning in the place of central heating at certain times of the year you could save money on your heating bills as a result of the air conditioning unit’s efficiency.

We use only the best components and tools when installing air conditioning into your Derby home. We do this because we care about your investment in air conditioning, and we prepare your air con unit to last as long as possible. It’s vital your air conditioning unit is kept in the best condition so it can function correctly throughout it’s full life cycle. In addition to this we specialise and strongly favour Fujitsu air conditioning units; we do this because choosing a supplier of air conditioning units that are renowned for consistent quality and durability rather than the sometimes cheaper lower quality alternative, it prevents frequent need for repair and periods of time where your air conditioning isn’t operational.

If you’re thinking of having air conditioning installed into your domestic property, you don’t have to worry about the size of the units. As technology has advanced, air conditioning units have become more compact and modern in styling; domestic air conditioning units are much smaller and unobtrusive than you might think. This allows your home to be maintained at comfortable temperature throughout the summer and winter.

Commercial Air Conditioning Derby

We’ve got over 35 years experience fitting air conditioning into commercial properties across Derby, Nottingham and Leicester. We’ve fit for large retail outlets which required multiple units to keep retail stores at the correct temperature.

We don’t only supply air conditioning units, our Derby based expert installs the air conditioning unit into your commercial property as well. If you’ve already got an air conditioning unit and you just need it installing, we can help you with that also.

We understand that air conditioning plays a part in customer satisfaction for you, so you have our assurance that we fit brand new and not second hand air conditioning units.

For extra piece of mind, all our air conditioning units come with at least 3 years warranty, and this can be extended to 5 years upon your request.

During the quotation the ICETEK engineer will assess and plan the most efficient installation locations to achieve the most efficient and effective air conditioning solution for your business. We understand the importance of having working spaces at a comfortable temperate for productivity and the impact poorly controlled temperature can have to customers that enter the business. We have this at the front of our planning for the installation and will always advise you on a solution that will be the most efficient for you and your business rather than for us.

Air Conditioning Repair Derby

Air Conditioning plays a role in customer satisfaction, so if something goes wrong, an ICETEK engineers experience can be the quickest solution.

Our maintenance van is always stocked with all the tools and most of the spare parts required to repair and service an air conditioning unit, so we won’t need to leave your property looking for air conditioning parts in Derby, as they’re often in the van. This leads to a high percentage of air conditioning unit repairs being achieved on the first day.

When repairing an air conditioning unit, we replace the broken parts with brand new high quality parts, built to last which ensures you that the issue is fixed and the issue shouldn’t re-appear too soon. We do not use old parts of an air conditioning unit to repair yours. This is because we don’t know the true condition of the replacement air conditioning part and we wouldn’t trust it to last as long as it needs to. This means we’ll only use brand new parts when repairing your domestic or commercial air conditioning unit.

Our preferred Derby Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Suppliers

ICETEK can supply your business or home with an air conditioning unit you prefer from a wide range of air conditioning unit manufacturers. However, if the customer doesn't have previous experience or requirement for a specific air conditioning manufacturer we quote for a Fujitsu air conditioning unit. We aren’t limited to just using Fujitsu, we have experience with most air conditioning units available but strongly believe Fujitsu air conditioning units are the most reliable and therefore cost efficient.

We don’t always have to install your air conditioning unit for you, we’re more than happy to simply supply the unit for you. However, for the majority of domestic customers we recommend that they invest in having an experienced engineer ensure that it is properly installed for efficiency and safety assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the common air conditioning related questions we get asked. If you feel that your questions haven’t been answered, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Yes, the Air conditioning engineer has a wealth of experience with installations, repair and maintenance of units that can be applied to our services being fulfilled in a conservatory environment. The Air conditioning units available often have a modern and simplistic appearance with a bright coloured casing; this usually enables the installed units to match with a lot of conservatory design.

The air conditioning units that we install for most domestic properties are very efficient; this allows for them to operate with enough power to effectively heat and cool a conservatory type of area. However, if when the engineer visits to quote for the work he may advise for larger sized conservatories a higher power unit to ensure it can effectively heat and cool the space.

For domestic properties we often advise based on our personal experience that room that you spend the most of your time is the most effective room to control the temperature for. For a lot of the properties we have made air conditioning installations at that room is a bedroom or living room.

For commercial properties it is often very clear where the air conditioning is needed.

Quite often we hear that people believe air conditioning to be a luxury that only commercial properties can afford to install. This isn’t the case as lower powered air conditioning units are ideal for domestic installation and provide for most average sized rooms ample heating or cooling.

As standard all of the air conditioning units have a 3 year warranty, this however can be discussed and extended upon request. If an extended air conditioning warranty is something you are interested in please get in contact.

No, all quotations are free of charge and are all no obligation consultations where you will receive an honest and transparent quote for the installation/supply of your air conditioning.

Air conditioning is normally believed to be very expensive, however we start our air conditioning installation cost at approximately £895 (prices will vary based on size of the air conditioning unit and difficulty of installation).

We don't have a standardised pricing list for air conditioning installation as we understand that every job can be unique in its requirements; as such we will need to discuss your individual installation during our free, no obligation quotation in order to provide you with a tailored price.

Benefits of Air Conditioning with ICETEK

Just some of the reasons outlined as to why we feel you could benefit from choosing ICETEK for your air conditioning installation and maintenance/repair.

Air Conditioning is an affordable investment in both commercial and domestic properties. Air conditioning can often be more cost efficient when it comes to heating your home than using your central heating. Air conditioning is also more affordable for your home than you think. Your air conditioning installation starts with a simple phone call with our Derby based air conditioning expert.

Air Conditioning Derby

When we’re fitting air conditioning in a Derby based business, we’re proud to say our air conditioning engineer will have minimal disruption to your business. We create as little noise and mess whilst installing your air conditioning unit, ensuring you can stay open whilst installation is in progress. This is just another way air conditioning installations with Derby based ICETEK is made efficient. Adding to efficiency, repairs and maintenance is minimal, using only brand new high quality units and parts, your air conditioning unit will be taken care of, complimented by our 3 and 5 year warranties.

If the unfortunate event of your air conditioning unit failing or malfunctioning, our air conditioning maintenance van is always stocked with the necessary parts to repair your air conditioning unit, usually within the same day. This saves us time as we don’t need to wait for delivery of or travel to purchase the necessary air conditioning unit replacement parts.

Interested in our Derby Air Conditioning Services?

We offer a standard of high quality and competitive pricing for all of the air conditioning services that we offer. If you require installation or repair of either commercial or domestic air conditioning don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss your queries and to schedule a free, no obligation quote.

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