Air Conditioning Derby Homes & Businesses - The Ultimate Guide for 2017

Air conditioning Derby homes and businesses is what ICETEK have specialised in for years. It’s time to turn our experience into the ultimate air conditioning guide for 2017.


England, Derby, not the world’s hottest location but us locals sure do start to sweat once temperatures rise above 15 degrees celsius. Many of us can only dream of having such a luxury in terms of a button you can press to receive a cool or warm supply of air filtering through your home. Luckily back in 1902 the air conditioning unit was invented and over the course of a century air con has been adapted into a more affordable and more compact piece of equipment many of us can find in our homes today. If you’re looking to have air conditioning installed into your home or commercial properties, this air conditioning guide will make your buying decision is breeze.

All Year Round Benefits

When we hear the words air con, we often assume cold air and that air conditioning is only for summer right? Wrong, the majority of modern air conditioning units in 2017 can be used to supply both cool and warm around to your Derby home or businesses. In fact, did you know an air conditioning unit is most likely to be cheaper to operate than central heating? A modern air con unit will use less power than a central heating system would to produce equal amounts of heat. This answers the question can I use air condition instead of central heating?

Types Of Air Conditioners

Portable Air Con Unit

If you’re looking to have some control of the temperature of a small room, a portable air conditioning unit is right at the bottom end of the scale. It takes roughly 15 minutes to get it out of the box and working and can be found for a reasonable price at most common hardware stores. These air conditioners are most commonly on wheels and will take up floor space, this is something you should definitely consider before making the decision to go and purchase a portable air con unit. If you’re looking to use the unit to maintain temperatures in a living room for example, you may find these units to be underpowered therefore having less of an effect compared to a higher powered model. You could just buy one for each room if you really wanted, but once you’ve added up the cost as well as the added costs in electricity, it would be a similar price to a bigger more powerful unit. In a commercial environment such as an office, this would offer little to no benefit at all. Unless you’re the luck person sitting right next to it of course.

Split System Air Conditioners

Consisting of both an outside and inside unit the split system unit still only conditions one room. It works by cooling the warm air transferring heat from the room. If you wanted to air condition your entire home or commercial property, the split system would require multiple units throughout multiple rooms. So where would this system work? The Split system is great for conservatories, bedrooms and other rooms in a traditional home or office. The split system units can easily target the room replacing warm air with cold, creating a much more comfortable environment.

Reverse Cycle Air Con

A reverse cycle air conditioner is an advanced system that not only provides cool air into a room, but warm air also. If you live in the UK with the weather up and down like a Yo-Yo, a unit like a reverse system allows you to be prepared 365 days a year. Andy from ICETEK has a reverse system air conditioning unit right in front of his front door. It powers both warm and cool air through his house. The reverse system is often used to replace central heating in homes as it costs a 3rd of the price on average to operate per year. Over the course of a few years, your installation price will be covered by the money you save in heating bills. The air con units are also energy efficient.

Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioners is another option for a commercial air conditioning unit. If you’re looking for your whole property whether it’s commercial or domestic to be air conditioned then this is really the only guaranteed options. If you’re unsure if this is the solution you require, I’d recommend speaking to our air conditioning derby expert who’ll be able to asses your premises and advise you on your best solution.

Why Air Con is an all year round investment

If you live in the UK or a country like the UK, predicting the weather for the next day is something we all do and more often than not get it wrong. England has a tendency to have a weather forcast like a Yo-Yo, we can go from 25 degrees celsius and a heatwave to 5 degrees celsius with heavy rain. This makes it difficult to prepare your domestic or commercial property. ICETEK supply and fit many reverse air conditioners for this exact reason. A reverse unit functions as the it requires 365 days a year. If it’s too hot, it’s time to turn on the air con, if it’s too cold it’s time to turn on the air con.

If you’re a business owner complying with the Government’s workplace temperatures guidelines may be a headache you have to deal with. A simple commercial air conditioner would resolve this issue by creating a comfortable working environment.

Commercial Air Conditioning Derby?

Looking to ventilate or heat your commercial property? Air conditioners are classed as part of business running costs as they can simply replace traditional central heating systems. As mentioned earlier, AC units are often a third of the price when comparing the running costs. They have an initial installation cost but this is classed as an investment and is paid back over the years with the money you save. So there it is, Air conditioning Derby businesses is a wise choice if you’re looking to slash your utility bills.


Every commercial and domestic property and everybody’s requirements will be different, A solution which works for one property might be useless in the next. A local expert should be able to assist you with your requirements via a simple onsite inspection. Not every large property will require a Ducted system, the layout and amount of rooms in the building will play a big part. By choosing the right solution, you will find an air conditioner is an investment as opposed to a cost, and you’ll save a good amount of money if were to have a reverse system and not rely on central heating in the winter.

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