Commercial Refrigeration Derby

We offer a wide range of commercial refrigeration solutions for a variety of businesses. The refrigeration solutions we can install range from kitchen storage and refrigerated rooms to ice machines and retail display units.

Commercial Refrigeration Derby

We are a Derby based business specialised in supplying and installing commercial refrigeration units including built from scratch cold rooms. Our 35 years experience of installing air conditioning and refrigeration units (also including the construction of cold rooms) has enabled us to develop a professional and trusted business reputation that deilvers on their promise of high quality service.

When requesting a free, no obligation refrigeration quotation our Derby based refrigeration expert will visit you to assess the complexity of the installation and discuss the subsequent cost and schedule. We know how important your refrigeration can be in a commercial environment, especially businesses in the food/catering industry. It’s a vital piece of equipment which your business needs in order to operate, so we take this very seriously in our approach to minimise disruption.

We only install commercial refrigeration units and cold rooms using brand new, high quality components and equipment to ensure your new refrigeration unit or cold room is as reliable and efficient as possible. If you don't have a strong preference of manufacturer we will always quote for refrigeration units we’ve extensively worked with before, a refrigeration brand that through our years of experience we know that can be trusted to provide a long lasting quality, giving you and your business peace of mind. Our vast experience in refrigeration installation helps us deliver a time efficient installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your business and its ability to begin or continue trading.

Some of our commercial refrigeration services include:

  • Cold Rooms & Chilled Production Areas
  • Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration
  • Retail Display Refrigeration Units
  • Bar Refrigeration Installation
  • Process Cooling
  • Bottle Coolers
  • Ice Machines

If we have missed a commercial refrigeration unit that you require we may still be able to complete the installation or repair. Get in contact with us to discuss your specific requirements and discover how we could help you.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Derby

Throughout our 35 years of experience in the industry we have witnessed and repaired a very wide variety of issues with refrigeration units; some of which are common issues that simply require component replacements and others that require a higher degree of expertise to successfully rectify. It is this wealth of experience that allows our engineer to efficiently and skilfully repair and extend the lifespan of your refrigeration units and cool rooms, making choosing ICETEK for your commercial refrigeration repair a worthwhile investment. By making repairs to a consistently high standard we reduce the need for additional short term repairs that would otherwise be caused by previously incomplete or ineffective repairs.

For all refrigeration and cool room repairs we use high quality tools, equipment and components to reduce further repairs being needed due to use of lower quality, less durable alternatives. We see the investment in quality units, components and tools as an investment in efficiency for the future. By us using the higher quality we can reduce the long term cost for our customers by maximising the durability of their entire refrigeration installation.

Derby based commercial refrigeration repair services

We understand that the installation and repair of refrigeration can have a damaging impact on your business’ ability to operate at full capacity or potentially having to close for the duration of the installation and/or repairs. Because of this our engineer works as time efficiently as possible to reduce any unnecessary wasted time as a result of inexperience or an unprofessional approach to the urgency of the repair. Over the 35 years in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry our engineer has acquired a lot of experience including an understanding of common and uncommon issues that refrigeration units and cool rooms have, together with ensuring that our engineer’s van is stocked highly with common repair components we can boast a high percentage of next day repair success with rapid response for urgent circumstances.

Benefits of Refrigeration with ICETEK

We have experience with refrigeration supply, installation and maintenance for a wide range of commercial properties. We want to give our customers peace of mind that their business’ refrigeration is in good hands and that we understand how critical a durable refrigeration solution is for a lot of businesses.

Refrigeration units play an important role in keeping many businesses in Derby operating, with such a need for reliability and the complexity of a refrigeration unit we strongly believe it is a piece of equipment that should be installed by somebody who really knows what they’re doing. ICETEK has over 35 years experience in refrigeration units for a variety of different business types and environments, it's because of this we’re the right choice for your business's refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair needs.

It’s not just refrigeration units we offer, we can also supply and install a range of other vital refrigeration services including; cold rooms, chilled production areas, commercial kitchen refrigerators and more. Our vast experience is a real benefit to your business for using ICETEK, we can even supply and install bar refrigeration units, ice machines and retail display refrigeration units into your Derby business.

We install only the highest quality refrigeration units as we understand just how important it is that your refrigeration unit is reliable, often impacting how well a business can operate. If something does go wrong, our maintenance van is stocked with high quality components, allowing for a timely repair to your refrigeration unit. Why? Because we care about our customers and their businesses. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every installation.

Commercial refrigeration Derby - Installation and Repair

Frequently Asked Refrigeration Questions

Interested in refrigeration units and cold rooms in Derby, but have a question? It may be answered in our refrigeration Q&A below and if it isn’t, simply contact us for further advice.

All our refrigeration installation quotes are free of charge. Just call us on 07966 284437 or email us via the contact us page to book a free quote. The only time there may be a potential charge is if we have to travel reasonable distance to provide a quote. This will be made clear before we book the visit.

Yes we can build and install cold rooms from scratch, simply contact us via email or call us on 07966 284437 today for a free quotation. We have over 35 years of experience,meaning you can trust our capability to deliver on a variety of refrigeration and cold room installations, no matter how big or small the cold room project is.

We do not only install cold rooms in Derby, our full understanding of both refrigeration units and more specifically cold rooms allows us to confidently repair issues that occur in your cold room; we understand that for a lot of businesses, having an operational cold room is vital for the business to run, as such we work as hard and as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption to your business.

We only service and install commercial refrigeration units and cold rooms across Derby and surrounding areas. Household refrigerators isn’t something that we work with.

Not at all, all our refrigeration installations in Derby and surrounding areas start of with a free no obligation easy to understand quotation.

Interested in our Derby Refrigeration Services?

We offer a standard of high quality and competitive pricing for all of our air conditioning and refrigeration services. If you require installation or repair of air conditioning, refrigeration units or cool rooms get in contact to discuss your queries and to schedule a free, no obligation quote.

Check the rest of our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has been answered before.

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